My Offering

The Journey

Sacred Temple Space


Tantric teaching

Ceremony & Rituals

Shamanic Journey

Breath, sound and movement

Emotional release

Tantric bodywork in close body-to-body contact.

Energy transmissions through eyes, body and voice.

Balancing inner feminine & masculine polarities


Energetic Sacred Union


I would love to tell a lot about the sessions, but for sure the best way to really know, is to experience it.


"When you Feel the Call, you will Feel it."


When you feel the call...

You will feel it

These Temple Journey's are for the open hearted, who desire to open their whole being and truly reconnect with life to live full potential. When it resonates, you will clearly feel the call. Only then you will be open enough to receive all of the energies that I am guided to send to you.

What happens during a session: my being becomes a channel for divine energies to transmit to you, to fulfill your intentions in the most precise way..

Duration of a Temple Journey has a minimum of 3 hours.

Prices from 495 euro

An optimum of 3 sessions is recommended
Programs of 3-9 months on request.

Note: in sessions the client is naked and I stay partially dressed. No kissing, no sex. No exchange of bodily fluids.

And yes I do a lot of warm hugs, body to body contact and energy transmissions in a free flow. 
Locations: Amsterdam and Ibiza

Other locations on request