• Rose Nauta


Sacred Sexual Healing.

There it is. Yes!

Last year my soul began to speak, to sing! A new song. An extra ordinairy one. A song about Life. About the celebration of Life. True connection with Life!

After I had gone through some very deep dark times including healing sessions, I remembered who I really am: a radiant soul of love and light (and ow yeah: in a delicious female body ), full of life energy! Yihaa. With no other wish then to be an ignition for others to help them radiate theír unique light. check how beautiful the world would be then, if we all shine our own magnificence!

Ok so why Sacred Sexual Healing?

I’ll explain now 2 important things for me about sexual energy. 1: Sexual Energy = Life energy. For example, imagine the opposite: if you dont have any sexual energy running through your body, you are like a walking dead.. just sayin’.

Healthy sexual energy brings Life, its creative and manifesting energy. When its not blocked, it can flow freely like a river of life through your whole being. Yihaa!

2: Sacredness in Sexuality: The bridge between sexuality and spirituality.

And. I love that. So much. One of the most important, but forgotten jewels of life.Whithout sacredness, you just have empty sex: bodies entering bodies without meaning. Well I can spend a whole post on this. But later. Let’s move on for now.

Take a step back in time. Think of the ancient times. Imagine the Temples. The High Priestessess. The men who first went through the temple doors after they came back from war.

The priestesses who were soothing and bathing their wounds. Letting them feel safe and come home, home to love and home to themselves . Reconnecting them back in their hearts again with loving presence. In this gently warm, safe and sacred space of the Divine Feminine.❤

The remembrance of these priestesses resonated so much with me that I decided to attend the temple trainings at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).

Wow. What a succes. Its like I remember this work from past lives, long ago. It feels very natural to me. To be a priestess. Well, one in modern life then.

Yes..I started the end of last year with giving healing sessions as a dakini/ priestess/ sacred sexual healer (you name it), in my highly sacred and magical place which I created in my lovely home.

Sooo.. I’m super happy to introduce you now:


So if I havent been clear yet: for me, when working in this temple, my call is: ‘Taking the war out of men and love them back to wholeness again’ (Also very healing for women..).

When I realised I had been in my own created ‘prison’ practically my whole life, I liberated myself through deep dive (sexual) healing sessions.

It breaks my heart seeing people locked up behind their own energetic ‘walls’ (often manifested in their physical bodies). Thinking they are safe, but are actually in prison. Not being able to live in their full potential. This often causes conflicts and ‘war’ in their inner (mental) and outer world. Because no love can come in, but also no love can flow out..

When after a session I see the sparkles of light again in the eyes, the connection with their soul and the energy of Life.. true essence radiating again, then I’m the most happy person ever.. I sooo love this work!! Feeling highly blessed.

So what exactly do I do in a session?

‘When you choose to have sessions with me, you embark on a deep, extraordinairy, transformational, shamanic journey. Where magic happens. Connecting spirituality with sexuality. Through your shadows, you will be uplifted into the light. It’s not always the most easy or comfortable ride, but worth all of it; for your own being in bliss. For your soul.”

For the ones who don’t know me so well yet

I’m coming from The Netherlands and have 15 years of experience in giving therapeutic massages as a physiotherapist. I sold my veggie juice company last year. Now trained and initiated as a Sacred Sexual Healer at the International School of Temple Arts. The tools I work with are: emotional release, bodywork, de-armouring, deep tissue, cranio-sacral, reiki, shamanic journeying. Combined with energetic transmissions; I call them ‘downloads from divine’.

I offer: a shamanic journey in combination with total body healing-massage, yoni/lingam massage, sacred spot. And lots of love.

I'm happy to give you more information, or for booking sessions:

email roosnauta@gmail.com

or whatsapp: +31682800030