• Rose Nauta


Updated: Jun 19, 2019

(a ‘little’ revealing about my new path..)

There is a new group of men waking up and stepping forward.

Men who are living with their heart open. Who are solid and strong. Yet vulnerable at the same time. Men who don’t fight, but are showing strength by being present. Who are balanced and act from a state of peace and harmony instead of domination and controlling.

The Divine Masculine.

Last year it started for me..the beginning of a change.. the beginning of the new.

I felt so lucky and grateful… a few divine masculine men stepped into my life. This made me so super happy; I was jumping around like a puppy and shouted out: “ Woww! So they really DO exist!” ..“Finally! Thank GOD..They are coming!!”

When talking with them and spending time with them I noticed that, although they are awakened, evolved, divine, you name it, they still have their wounds and are longing to be healed. To be received and rest in the arms of the divine feminine. To feel whole again. So they can flourish and express themselves at their full potential.

Not only the feminine has had hard times for ages of being suppressed and abused by the old ego based patriarchal system; this has caused a backlash effect on the masculine. For a long time they have felt the pain of not being seen and understood for who they really are. Having to perform all the time. Being bullied by the wounded feminine. Like they were worth nothing. Needing to defend themselves. Not feeling safe. Being judged and rejected.

My heart filled with compassion for these men.. who were longing to find a safe space to drop their shields, longing to rest and being replenished, nurtured. Not yet being able to shine their full potential due to these blocks around them.

I spoke out to the universe: ‘Please bring these divine masculine men to me, so I can help healing their wounds and love them back to wholeness again. So they can shine their true essence and heal the world with it.’

These men are coming on my path now. My wishes are heard.

Below I will put a part of an email conversation I had with such a man. We were talking about the last time I saw him, about our energies then and I said to him:

(Me): “…it felt like someone has been bullying you for a while or judged you. Told you that you weren’t good enough. Despite all the beautiful love you radiated I also saw wounds, grief and some harshness around yourself.

I wanted to wrap my arms around you, be present and help taking your pains and wounds away. Cause behind that...Gosh you're such a jewel!

To lift you up to your highest potential so you can shine even more, would be my biggest wish.”

He answered:


..MY heart expanded back reading HIS words..

This was clear. I knew now what to do. I knew he was not the only one longing for this. I wanted to help these men and be in service of them and therefore the world. I realised.. this is my following path, which I had felt before sometimes, but now it got really clear:

‘I want to become that High Priestess (like from ancient times) from the Temples, where men can go to after they come back from war.

To soothe and bath their wounds and let them be safe and come home, home to love and home to themselves . Reconnected and back in their hearts again. By this gently warm, safe and sacred space of the Divine Feminine.’

So I did.

I became that Priestess. (Well, a modern day one :)

After one of my latest shamanic healing sessions in my sacred Temple space, this divine masculine man responded:

“I am blown away Rose,.. not only by the divine energies you radiate...but also that feeling that I can finally relax and don’t need to give. Its such a relief to feel that you don’t need anything of me, while at the same time you receive ALL of me.. whether I am in my child state, or feel like a warrior or an idiot or acting like a lion.. it doesn’t matter..ALL of me is welcome with you, without judgements.. so warm and safe.. I am melting in your loving presence. I feel deeply loved. And free. All is so well…”

And this.. this makes MY heart melt.. wide open.. and LOVE LOVE LOVE.. Unconditionally.

To be continued..

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