• Rose Nauta


Ascension: Many are talking about it, but what is it actually? Lately I learned something interesting: Ascension is not about going up, or going anywhere. It’s about expansion. Into 5th dimensional consciousness and beyond. The good news: we don't need to leave our bodies to get there! And there’s a reason for it. We, as souls need our bodies to be HERE. And now. Yes please don’t run away! We have to do the work here, now. On Earth.

It’s so important.

Ok. Let me explain this. Before we can ascend, we need to descend first. Yep. Going deep. Down. Facing our dark sides, shit & shadows. Owning it. Work through. Because we happen to be humans, living on Earth, right? So our soul needs to incarnate (descend) into our physical body. Entering at the crown, then descending all the way down to base chakra and our total body. To be able to express ourselves fully and completely in this earthly realm.

Read this again: What is needed for our Soul (= our true essence, of who we really are) to be able to EXPRESS itself FULLY here on Earth (meaning: sparkling it’s unique light), it first HAS TO incarnate ALL the way down into our healthy physical body. You see it? 

When your SOUL is not completely incarnated into your PHYSICAL BODY, you are not FULLY LIVING!🤸‍♀️

Yep. Let that sink in.

 ⚜️ I’d like to tell you an amazing story.  A few weeks ago, a beautiful soul came to me to experience a healing Temple Journey. On a sexual level, he was missing real connection and he had never been lovingly touched. 

During the Journey, when I held him closely in warm embrace, our energies started to merge strongly; I literally felt his Soul coming down into his body. It finally released very old, blocked energies form his base and sacral chakra. His whole body was trembling and for the first time in his life he had a full body orgasm and the sky opened. The whole universe was presented to him. He was being initiatiated into the new paradigm. Love peace and oneness. The treasure box opened. He entered the new world. His life would never be the same anymore.

A few days ago we had another journey and I saw the sparkles in his eyes. Yes! And he felt young and energised. His lower back and pelvic area were so relaxed now, the blocks were gone, I felt the life energy flowing through him. In abundance. He shared with me that he had never felt so much joy and pleasure before. Finally after all those years he was feeling life itself again.

When people come to me for a healing, I often ‘warn’ that after the journey, their life will never be the same anymore.

Because through descending into your physical body, your soul can finally express itself. And this is your new life. The life that you are born for, the reason why you came here on earth.

⚜️ This is in short what I practically do in my Healing Temple: 

I have created a 6-steps Temple Journey program:

'Ascension through Descension & Embodiment'.

It’s a very welcome program in current times where we need to embody our soul’s Truth more then ever. The 6-steps will start from: the 'Song of your Soul' - to - 'Physical Embodiment' -into - 'Radiate your Truth'. 

Are you feeling the call to journey with me?

⚜️ With so much love, Rose️

Amazing photo by: Wouter Lanphen