About Me

From a deep remembrance it came to me: In past lives I had been serving as a high priestess in the sacred Temples.
Now hearing the call to do my mission again. In new Light.



Being born in heavy karmic situations, I have found my way back  into the light.  It started when I realised I had been in my own ‘prison’ practically my whole life, I liberated myself through deep dive (sexual) healing sessions.

Now it breaks my heart seeing people locked up behind their own energetic ‘walls’, Thinking they are safe, but are actually in prison.. Where love can not flow in or out..causing conflicts or ‘war’ in the inner world of the mind. Losing the connection with the true essence and the power to live in their full potential. I’ve been there.
First, dear soul, take a deep rest in the arms of divine feminine, here you will be nourished and recharged. To become alive again. 
Let me help you ignite your flame inside, burning away all that no longer serves you. So you can connect with your true essence. And get into your full potential. To radiate your Truth. Your eyes will shine again with divine sparkles of light..
Radiating who you really are.
I’m coming from The Netherlands and have 15 years of experience in giving therapeutic massages as a physiotherapist with an extensive toolbox gained by healing work and trainings in dearmouring, reiki, breathwork, kundalini yoga.

Now trained and initiated as a Sacred Sexual Healer at the International School of Temple Arts. Yes, remembering who I really am.


I am humble and honored to share my unique gifts:

Divine 'high voltage' energy transmissions in
close body to body contact, creating an energetic Sacred Union,

 while transmitting divine feminine essence of the sacred Heart.

‘Experience how safe you will feel...

showing  your naked soul’



‘Dear Rose, you are channelling energy of the Divine. Doing the Sacred healing work of Mary Magdalene. 
She travelled with a tent and altar to offer healings. And through energy transmissions of her body, eyes and voice, she connected their souls to who they were. 
And told them it was safe to be here, safe to be who they really are.”

Kirsten, UK