THE HEAlING capacity of SACRED SEXUAlity:

It's time

to Turn

your light 


Receive the Ancient wisdom of the healing temple

to experience 

Peace of mind.  Heaven in your Body.

And sparkles in your eyes


"Taking the War out of Man

and Love him back to Wholeness again"

Beautiful Man, I see you

You got it all, you're working hard in your thriving business, changing the world. Your health is key. And with a bunch of loving friends, you actually can't complain at all, right? Only..there's an aching part in yourself that tells you something is missing: you are tired of all the conflicts in your mind, all the giving, performing, acting and you are longing

 to rest and being received in the arms of the divine feminine love.

There is a curiosity that brings you here. You wonder: 'Is there really a woman out there who  understands me on all levels? Who feels me and can be fully present to me? To who I finally can come home to? Who can transmit me the missing parts? Rewire me from the past. Heal my wounds that are deeply hidden, that nobody knows of? Is she strong enough so I can express myself without her getting upset. With who I feel safe to surrender..?"


Beautiful soul,

She is here..

to guide you home.



‘“I am feeling my heart expand, longing as ever to be received in this space of the divine feminine love.”

~Bodhi, Thailand



The deepest connection possible..

 When Spirituality meets sexuality

We create Heaven to Earth


"I will never forget your gentle touch, soothing words and deep, deep understanding Rose, when I went through major transformation .. It was so incredibly calming and healing.. and although, while in the thick of it, I could not see .. I had been seen and witnessed by you and your prophetic words .. it was such a blessing .. thank you. This truly is your calling .. and you will be a blessing to so many.."

fay, australia


"Rose is transmitting an ancient wisdom beyond learning" ~ Eric

Hi, I'm Rose

I'm an ancient Priestess of the sacred Temples, doing my work in modern world.

Radiating divine feminine essence.


I heal awakened men, deliver the missing link of feminine essence, so in return they can serve the feminine from a place of strength and wholeness.

I believe that energetic lovemaking is the foundation of Sacred Union.

My mission is to bring back -and let you experience- the pure innocence of sacred sexuality. 


“I really want to say thank you, it was everything I wanted and more than I could have ever imagined I needed. 
You are truly beautiful Rose, as a soul and as a physical being. 

Your eyes are hauntingly debilitating, they help peel away those first layers. You open your soul to people like me and that is precious, and deeply appreciated. There are not enough stars in this world, but I found one and I consider myself lucky to enjoy a moment of your warmth and energy.”

Steve, UK


The Journey

For men I offer a sacred ceremonial Temple journey.

Into the depths of your Soul.  Designed uniquely for you, based on your personal intentions and needs.

Using the healing power of Sacred Sexuality through transformational tantric bodywork, infused with unique, divine 'high voltage' energy transmissions. Bridging Heaven to Earth.

Recharge yourself through a yoni/lingam massage, sacred spot or energetic Sacred Union.

In close body to body contact.

Always in abundance of warm hugs & unconditional love.

A coming home to the sacred feminine.

A coming home to yourself.

Healing Temple massage                149 euro

3- hour Temple Journey                  495 euro

3- months Inner Temple traject         2970 euro


Temple Talk  99 euro


"Rose has opened doors inside of me..

I didn't even know they existed" ~Michael


The Temple

A Divine place. Magical. Warm. Peaceful. Sacred.

The portal to divinity


You will travel through dimensions:

Losing your mind to 

Find your Soul

and become ONE


“Feel Free

 to just




Where To Connect




And wherever I am called to in the world ~ I love to bring my Temple with me and serve

* Online* TempleJourney's now available too


‘“I am feeling my heart expand, longing as ever to be received in this space of the divine feminine love.”

Bodhi, Thailand